Have you ever considered breeding your dog? If so, did you know that Billings Animal Family Hospital offers canine reproductive services? Dr. Best has a special interest in doggy reproduction, and is happy to help you every step of the way. Here are a few of the services offered:

  • Reproductive counseling and breeding suitability exams

For those who are thinking about breeding their dog, a discussion with their veterinarian is one of the most important steps. We will discuss with you what to expect in the breeding process and help to evaluate whether breeding your dog is a good decision.

  • Fertility exams

Just like people, some pets have difficulties conceiving. If your pet has not become pregnant without help, we may recommend an examination to evaluate the cause of infertility. Routine examination of breeding bitches also helps us to counsel you on the best ways to prolong and optimize fertility.

  • Ovulation timing

When the male and female dogs that you wish to breed don’t live together, timing can be everything. We are able to help pinpoint ovulation through the use of progesterone testing and vaginal cytology.

  • Artificial insemination

When natural breeding cannot take place, artificial insemination is necessary. This is often the case when the two animals cannot be present in the same place at the optimal time for conception. Semen is collected from the male and deposited near the cervix of the female utilizing a pipette.

  • Surgical insemination

This minor surgical procedure allows the surgeon to place semen directly into the uterus.  This allows the highest chances for conception and gives the surgeon the opportunity to examine the uterus for signs of problems, such as cysts.

  • Semen shipment

We are able to collect fresh semen for shipment as well as accept it for insemination. This allows us to perform breedings that otherwise would never happen due to distance.

Breeding your dog is often not as simple as it sounds, but we are happy to help! Please contact us if you have any interest in learning more about these services or if you would like to learn more about the process. Dr. Best is even available to speak to your organization about Billings Animal Family Hospital’s reproductive services. Just give us a call.