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At Billings Animal Family Hospital, we strive to prevent illness whenever possible. The time and effort invested in Wellness Programs has rewards for both the patient and the pet owner.

Our wellness programs target specific needs for all pets, as well as age-specific and species-specific programs. Our programs might include a comprehensive physical exam, heartworm and parasite testing, leukemia testing, parasite and tick control, core vaccines as well as recommended additional vaccines based on need/risk, comprehensive blood and urine testing. Some programs simply target a need, such as dental care or parasite protection.

Our adult wellness will include an annual physical exam and vaccines based on your pet’s environment and lifestyle. We will discuss the need for tick, heartworm and parasite prevention. If appropriate, we will recommend a wellness blood screen. We will discuss nutrition, behavior, and any additional questions you might have.

Our senior wellness will include semi-annual physical exams and vaccines based on your pet’s needs. Often in older patients we will suspend vaccinations for 3-5 years depending on your pet’s age and risk. We also recommend checking vaccination titers (measured protection against disease) in lieu of vaccines in patients at higher risk for vaccine reactions. We will discuss the need for additional protection against parasites, heartworm and ticks. We will recommend a more comprehensive blood and urine testing to better detect some chronic health conditions, such as thyroid disease, kidney disease and diabetes. And we routinely discuss nutrition and behavior problems as well as any additional questions you may have.

Our dental and feline wellness programs are specialized programs focusing on dental health and feline health and wellness. We offer complimentary dental exams year round and a complete dental exam is part of every physical exam. Our feline wellness program is designed to bring more attention to the unique needs of our feline friends. Although it is difficult for some clients to bring their cats in, due to the nature of the cat, it is important not to let their health take a back seat. Annual physical exams are an important way to screen for early disease as well as an opportunity to discuss the unique behavior and dietary needs of cats.