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National Organizations/Pet Medical Sites

American Animal Hospital Assn.

American Veterinary Medical Assn.

ASPCA - Poison control info

AAHA's pet owner site

Veterinary Partner - Excellent, trusted pet owner information

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners
Dr. Best is Board Certified in Canine/Feline Practice

Colorado State University - We refer a lot of patients here for specialty workups

University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program

General Pet Sites

Help find lost pets

Pets with Cancer/Pet Loss and Grieving

Veterinary Cancer Society

Colorado State's Animal Cancer Center

Resources for pet loss and grieving


American Kennel Club

Dog Fancy magazine

AKC Canine Good Citizen

Bark Busters training

How To Love Your Dog - a kid's guide to dog care


Cat Fancier's Association

Cornell Feline Health Center

Cats' unique dietary needs

Excellent resource for feline diabetes

Cat Fancy magazine

Pet insurance

Nationwide Pet Insurance


Pets Best Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Pet First Health Care


Home Again Microchips

Invisible Fencing

Big Sky Dog Training

Pet foods

Hill's Pet Foods - Science Diet and prescription diets

Natura Pet Foods