iStock_000076754759_LargeIf there’s an app for everything, it stands to reason that dogs and cats would be included. With over 144 million dogs and cats in America, it makes sense that they should be represented in the digital world. But how does the discerning pet owner even begin to know which apps are worth the time and potential cost?

Pet Apps For Everyone!

At Billings Animal Family Hospital we love pet apps (we even have one of our own!). We’ve done the dirty work of sifting through the most popular pet apps to come up with 9 that we think can’t be beat:

  1. Billings Animal Family Hospital App – That’s right, we have our own app for android and iOS! Request an appointment or refills on medication, or peruse our website and facebook page from your phone or tablet.
  2. American Red Cross Pet First Aid– Now you can have the experts in first aid at your fingertips with the pet first aid app from the American Red Cross. Find out what to do in an everyday pet emergency, or be proactive and learn about pet first aid before you actually need it.
  3. MapMyDogWalk – Much like the popular MapMyFitness app, MapMyDogWalk allows you to track the route, time, distance, speed, pace, and calories burned during your (hopefully) daily walks with your pooch.
  4. BringFido – BringFido has long been a trusted source for finding pet-friendly hotels, trails, beaches, or dog parks in any area. Keep this resource in your pocket with the BringFido app.
  5. Dog Park Finder Plus – Also known as “the Google Maps of dog parks”, this app will not only find every dog park in the zip code of your choice, it provides details such as park fees, whether there are any bathrooms, and whether the park is fenced in. The app also includes a list of areas that specifically forbid dogs, such as trails or beaches.
  6. PetDiary – Have you ever wanted an easy way to monitor your pet’s weight, medications, and pretty much anything else you can think of including growth charts, expenditures, and more? PetDiary is exactly what the name implies; a ledger allowing you to record all the details you like about your pet’s daily life for your future reference.
  7. VitusVet – The VitusVet app allows you to have your pet’s complete medical records available to share with your groomer, kennel, or for use when traveling. Create reminder alerts for medications, vaccinations, grooming, and more with the handy “reminders” tool.
  8. Puptox – If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if that new houseplant your cat is chewing on is toxic, or if those leftovers Fido just wolfed down could possibly harm him, PupTox is the app for you. Their categorized list of over 250 dog and cat toxins should (hopefully) have you covered.
  9. Cat Fishing 2 – Ok, this probably isn’t a must-have app, but we couldn’t resist adding it to the list. Simply tap “start”, sit back and watch your cat score points by batting at the swimming fish on the screen. The more points Whiskers scores, the more challenging the game becomes. Fun for all!

It’s likely you have a few favorite pet apps of your own, too! Please don’t hesitate to let us know what they are – we’re always looking for something new for our clients and their pets!