iStock_000030968938_LargeThe holidays are a magical time of year when we spend time with our loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. The holidays are also full of traditions. Whether it be indulging in Aunt Gertie’s famous pineapple casserole on Christmas day, volunteering your time to help those in need, or watching It’s a Wonderful Life as a family, traditions make this season special.

Many times our pets play a limited role in our holiday festivities. Take some time this year to create a seasonal tradition or two with your furry family member that you are both sure to enjoy. Keep reading for some ideas for creating your own special holiday pet traditions this year.

Creating New Holiday Pet Traditions

It only takes a little creativity to start thinking of some ways that you can create new holiday pet traditions with your furry beloved. Think about:

Heading into the great outdoors – Make a yearly tradition of taking your pet for a festive hike or stroll. There is nothing quite as magical as viewing Christmas lights on a moonlit walk or enjoying the magical stillness of Christmas morning in the woods with your favorite friend. If there is snow on the ground, all the better.

Bringing out your crafty side – Your pets can participate in the holiday crafting as well! Create a lasting memory by making paw print ornaments or decorating a festive bandana or collar for your pet to sport.

Perusing years past – Make a mug of hot chocolate, turn on some holiday tunes, and sit down with the whole family to look at pictures and share memories of your pets, past and present.

Indulge your pet in holiday pampering – Whether it’s spending some time bathing and brushing at home or booking your pet a spa day, your pet might enjoy looking a little extra festive this holiday season.

Honor your pet – What better way to honor your pet than to help another animal in need? Spread some holiday cheer and generosity.

The possibilities are endless! Almost anything you enjoy doing with your four-legged friend can be a new tradition.

Celebration Old Traditions with Your Pets

There are some well-established holiday traditions that we enjoy with our families year after year. With a little imagination, it is possible to include our pets in this kind of traditions. Consider:

Taking a drive – If your dog or cat enjoys the car, buckle on in and include them on a family drive to view some holiday decorations.

Getting some family photos taken – Many families get together to pose for a family photo this time of year. Why not include your pet? Look for a photographer who knows how to work with animals and get some card-worthy shots.

Visiting someone – Include your pet when visiting friends and loved ones this holiday season. Be sure that your pet is welcome and then cheer up someone’s day with a visit. Be sure to keep your pet safe during the holiday hubbub.

Baking – You may be busy in your kitchen this season. No reason not to include your pets in the yummy treats. Check out festive holiday pet treat recipes that  your canine and feline family members are sure to enjoy.

Holiday pet traditions are a great way to spend some time with your furry loved one and create some wonderful memories. Please share them with us as well. Wishing you a happy holiday season from Billings Animal Family Hospital.