Nefer enjoying Lake Michigan!

Nefer is a relatively new patient of ours who moved to Montana from Chicago. Here is a description of the condition he developed and how laser treatment literally saved his life!!

Diagnosis: Cauda Equina Syndrome
Symptoms: Complete numbness in back legs, no more running on the beach or anywhere else (for the past several years)
Future: 80 pound greyhound unable to walk, not to mention run
Standard treatment: $4000 back surgery – limited success rate, or god forbid, euthanasia (the internet says this is a possible option for that diagnosis!)
Laser Treatments – 6 treatments total for 8 minutes each
Result: Greyhound – running like he did when he was young but now it’s for pure joy; Mom – crying like a baby on the beach watching her boy enjoy his life.
Cost: Priceless

We see results similar to this everyday with our Companion Therapy Laser! We use it on everything from routine surgeries and tooth extractions, to skin wounds to painful/injured backs and necks. If you have a pet with a chronic pain problem, non-healing wounds, or simply getting older and a little arthritic, laser will likely help! Give us a call to discuss the protocols and prices. We have a treatment plan for everyone!