The July 4th holiday should be a fun one for pets and people alike.  By following a few simple tips, you can be sure that your four-legged friend enjoys the day as much as you do!

DO be sure that your pet is wearing and collar and/or tag with proper identification and that its microchip registration has the correct address and telephone number.  Many pets will run when scared, and you want to be sure that your friend can find its way home if this should happen.

DO try to avoid giving your pet extra treats and people food.  Mild digestive upset to severe vomiting and diarrhea requiring hospitalization could result.

DON’T take your pet to crowded parties or events.  These situations can be overwhelming or even dangerous for pets.

DON’T ask your pet to spend excessive amounts of time in the heat.  If they must be outside be sure they have unlimited access to fresh, cool water and can get out of the sun.

DO ask your veterinarian about prescription tranquilizers or sedatives if you think your pet may be distressed by the holiday.

DO provide your pet a safe, quiet place to get away from visitors and the loud noises of the fireworks.

DON’T apply human sunscreens or insect-repellants to your pet.  Some of these products can be toxic.

DON’T put glow jewelery on pets!  While it may look cute, if ingested it can cause excessive drooling and gastrointestinal irritation, not to mention the problems swallowing the plastic could cause.

DON’T allow your pet near fireworks.  Lighting pyrotechnics can be dangerous even for people, and pets should have no part in this.  Keep them safe and indoors.

If you have any questions, please give us a call!