Santa’s not the only one making a list and checking it twice this holiday season!  Here is our ‘naughty’ list to avoid or be cautious of this year:

  • String-like decorations.  Ribbons, tinsel, and popcorn or cranberry garlands are fun to play with and tasty to eat but are very dangerous for pets.  They can easily cause intestinal obstructions.
  • Holiday plants such as mistletoe and lilies are highly toxic.  Those that are not, such as the poinsettia, often cause digestive upset.
  • Bones.  Whether out of the garbage or off Uncle Larry’s plate, bones can not only cause vomiting and/or diarrhea but can lead to serious obstructions or intestinal perforations.
  • Candles and fireplaces.  Open flames are intriguing for cats to look at and may become the victim of a swipe of the paw.  Also beware wagging tails!
  • The tree.  Ingestion of needles can cause digestive upset, obstruction, or even perforation.  Kitties that try to climb the tree can also become injured if the tree is not secured well.  Glass ornaments and decorations can break and injure curious pets.
  • Alcohol and candy.  These are items that are often left out during the holiday season, but can result in serious problems for your pet.
  • Beautiful lighted decorations often mean extra electrical cords.  Keep these cords out of reach to keep curious teeth and clumsy feet safe.
  • Tree water.  Live trees need water, but this reservoir can collect sap and pine needles which can cause an upset tummy.  Don’t put any additives in the water, which might cause a problem as well.

Avoid Santa’s naughty list this holiday season to be sure that your pet has a happy and healthy new year!