OVRS_iStock_000017127254_LargeThere really is nothing like coming home from a rough day at work to the warm and friendly face of your fur baby. Happy and eager to comfort you from the adversity of the world, our furry friends give comfort, friendship, and love.

What signs do our dogs and cats give us that they love us? How do they communicate those emotions? What do our pets do that show us they love us? Let’s cover some of the activities that speak from his or her heart to yours and help you and feel the love.


Eye Contact – Your puppy pal will be comfortable giving a long gaze if he or she is in love with you.

Smiles for Miles – Canines use the same muscles to smile that people do. So, smile at each other more often to show that affirmative affection.

Infectious Yawns – Canines have spent so much time with humans, throughout history, that watching each and every action has led him or her to “catch” a yawn.

Post Chomp Cuddling – Cuddling with you after eating his or her dinner might be a sign that love abounds for you.

Sleeping in Your Sleeping Space – If your pooch snoozes in your personal sleep space, it might indicate his or her love for you.

Cat’s Caring Words

Grooming – If your cat licks you it’s because he or she is so sweetly in love. It’s thought that the particular behavior of licking, parallels a feline mother’s behavior and might indicate the same emotions she has for her litter.  

Rubbing – Rubbing is when he or she drags his or her body across your body. Cats have scent glands on the head and the tail, so, this is thought to happen to “scent” or “mark” a territory like a possession.

Presents – If you find a small dead animal such as a mouse or bird, on the front doorstep, no fear, it’s most likely prey of your feline companion and a special gift for you. A special delivery from his or her heart to yours, these gifts might be innocuous at first sight, but those little treasures are a sure sign of love.

Stomach Flashing – Showing you his or her stomach is a special submissive indicator as it is a “weak” or “soft” spot, if he or she wants you to see his or her soft underbelly it’s a sure sign of sincere affection.

Eye ContactLong gazing and slow blinking indicates a connection and in the feline world might indicate a comfort that shows an interpersonal relationship.

Speaking of Love

Each of our fur babies has his or her own way to communicate their affections, so take the time to learn his or specific way they show you love. Like people, pet personalities are as unique as his or her expression of love and sincere care. Learning to speak his or her language can be a challenge, but with these tips everyone might speak love a bit less cryptically.