Billings_iStock_000026797308_LargeIt can take months or maybe even years for a cat-owner relationship to grow strong enough to have the mutual respect that makes for a pleasant and smooth routine. Having to guess what your animal friends wish you already knew is a challenging part of pet ownership, care, and companionship.

What if there was a way for you to understand what your cat wanted you to know? Would you want to hear what she had to say? If there were five things your cat wishes you knew, what would they be?

Sometimes a strong message is exactly what is needed to communicate without guessing, but until then let’s look at five things your cat wishes you knew.

Five Things a Cat Wishes You Already Knew

“It’s My Special Place to Freshen Up” – Her litter-box is a very particular place with particular care so that she feels comfortable enough to use it. It’s important that it’s always clean, so try to “strain” the clumps from her litter-box at least once a day as well as empty, wash, and replace the litter once a week. The litter-box needs to be clean, accessible, and private for her to use it and while cleaning it, try to refrain from using lemon scents or other toxic cleaners. In resetting her special place, remember not to move it more than a couple of inches to maintain continuity and comfort.

“I Have To Scratch Something” – Scratching is a engrained feline behavior, and can truly be a “need” rather than a habit. A genetic behavioral trait leftover from the hunt-stalk lifestyle, “scratching” prepares, cleans, and sharpens her claws before a hunt. It may be help the resale value of your furniture to give her a factory built scratch post, or even make one at home DIY style, for her scratchy instinct.

“I Need Entertainment” – A cat’s intelligence level can be high and their entertainment needs tend to be greater than some other pets. Leaving a “ball of yarn” might not be enough (nor very safe); instead, try a dynamic and challenging entertainment system consisting of toys and obstacle courses as they may be necessary for the more demanding cat’s persona. Try to keep in mind, the best stimulation comes from her best friend, you.

“I Feel That Same Anxious Feeling You Feel” – Her feelings mirror your own so, be aware of your feelings and remember comforting her might be parallel to comforting yourself and integral for emotional well-being for everyone involved.

“Just Because I’m Purring, Doesn’t Mean I’m Content or Happy” – A purr emanating from her, might not mean pleasure or  happiness as purring can also be a reaction to pain, anxiety from injury, or illness. Be sure to watch other surrounding behaviors in her demeanor to decipher whether her purring is due to a great play session or from a near miss with a neighborhood adversary earlier that evening.

Now You Know What Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Knowing her needs and wants can make her more content, happy, and healthy which is paramount for good cat ownership. Special needs from your cat can be hard to identify so, pay special attention to her behavior for an understanding beyond the things your cat wishes you knew.