There isn’t much worse than a grumpy cat, especially if you are a cat lover.

Cats communicate their dissatisfaction in a variety of ways. Cats can become lethargic and listless or turn into holy terrors, destroying furniture and drapery in their wake. They can become clingy or reclusive. They may stop purring and preening. And it’s possible that they may start yowling, spitting, and growling at anything that crosses their path.

However your cat communicates his or her unhappiness, it’s important that you listen and take the time to figure out how to keep your kitty happy.

Inside: the Great Outdoors

While it’s true that cats do make fairly ideal indoor pets, they, like all animals, are happiest when they can experience the great outdoors. This is not to say that a cat cannot be a happy apartment dweller—many cats are—but instead a reminder that your kitty still needs the stimulation that being outside provides.

If your cat is an indoor puss, make an effort to recreate outdoor the situations your cat might find himself or herself in. Hunting, chasing, and foraging are all instinctive activities for cats and it’s natural for a cat to want to engage in play this way.

Providing climbing and scratching posts, playing with laser pointers and other toys, and hiding food and treats around the house for your cat to forage are all excellent, indoor substitutions for the outdoor recreation your cat craves.

The High Life

No matter where (and often, no matter what it takes to get there), cat’s instinctively seek out the high life, those vertical spaces that give your feline the tactical advantage and the ability to survey all that is their domain. Unlike humans (who live on a “horizontal plain”), cats live on a vertical axis. They prefer height to open space, and will always thrive when there are plenty of vertical opportunities for play and protection.

Even the smallest apartments can be ideal spaces for cats, as long as there are vertical advantages. If possible, allow your cat to lay claim to the top of your refrigerator or to use the top of the cupboards as their own personal highway. Even something as simple as providing a multi-tiered kitty condo can provide your kitty with a safe spot to hide out and feel like the king or queen of his or her own personal jungle.

If you’re concerned that your cat is unhappy, take the time to figure out what he or she needs to come through it. Chances are, with a little work and some well-placed tuna, your cat will be frisking and purring in no time.

Should your cat not respond to your efforts, or if you suspect there are deeper issues at play, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.