Four Steps to a Well-Behaved Puppy

The responsibility of a new puppy can feel overwhelming—in addition to ensuring their health and safety, early socialization and training are essential so they grow up as a well-behaved dog. While puppy-raising will never be a part-time job, teaching your furry friend how to behave shouldn’t require hours of intense training lessons, complicated techniques, or [...]

Welcome Home! Setting Your New Puppy Up For Success

Few things are more exciting than welcoming a new puppy into your life. Raising a puppy brings many joys—the puppy breath, the warm, wiggly little body, and the wet nose, to name a few. However, challenges also abound. Like all babies, puppies require a lot of preparation, patience, and effort. Fortunately, the Billings Animal Family [...]

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A Recipe for Success: How Puppy Training Helps Pets Thrive

When you bring home a new puppy, you want to do everything exactly right. There is nothing quite like looking into those sweet, trusting eyes knowing that they are depending on you to do what is best. While selecting the right food, picking the perfect collar, and finding just the right doggy bed may be [...]

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