Xylitol Toxicity—What Pet Owners Should Know

Sugar substitutes have many benefits for people, including helping with weight loss, improving overall health, controlling diabetes, and reducing tooth decay. However, xylitol, an ingredient commonly used in sugar-free products, can be deadly for your pet. Our team at Billings Animal Family Hospital wants to help you protect your pet by offering information about this [...]

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Pets and Rattlesnakes: Avoiding an Unfortunate Meeting

Spring is just around the corner, and with the rise in temperatures and the sunny days ahead, rattlesnake and other venomous snake sightings are set to become more common. A few years ago, we blogged about the types of venomous snakes in the area and what happens – physiologically speaking – if your dog is [...]

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Why Is Chocolate Bad For Pets?

Worldwide, people share a fondness for chocolate that spans a lifetime. From birthday cupcakes to fancy souffles, chocolate (and its strong temptations) surrounds and connects us. However, the prevalence of chocolate throughout the year – from Valentine’s Day to Halloween – creates harmful opportunities for curious pets, and should be never be shared. Whether your [...]

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