7 Ways to Enjoy a Star-Spangled July Fourth with Your Pet

Summertime is full of foods cooked on the grill, lake adventures, and the highlight of the season—July Fourth. As the most dazzling summer holiday approaches, follow these seven tips, to keep your furry pal safe and happy, despite the exploding fireworks overhead.  #1: Beat the heat with cool pet treats When the summer heats up, [...]

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Avoid Panic During a Pandemic: 5 Ways to Simplify Caring for Your Pet While Quarantined

Normalcy during a pandemic is not easy. Struggling to find all the supplies needed to keep your family healthy, clean, and fed at home is quite the challenge—not to mention the additional stress from job lay-offs, school closings, and sick friends and family. We understand that coping with the COVID-19 crisis is a juggling act, [...]

COVID-19: Is Your Pet at Risk?

As the new strain of coronavirus (i.e., COVID-19) spreads across the world and affects more and more people, you’re likely wondering how it can—or cannot—affect your pet, especially after the report of a dog testing positive in Hong Kong. While we understand that a pet who tests positive for this disease is cause for concern, [...]

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6 Tips to Avoid Winter Hazards for Your Pet

In Montana, we don’t mess around when it comes to cold weather. While we know what precautions we should take before venturing outdoors in the midst of winter, your pet likely needs additional help to stay safe when frigid temperatures hit. Follow these six tips to keep your furry friend comfortable while enjoying our winter [...]

7 Halloween Safety Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

At certain times of year, such as the Fourth of July and Halloween, pets experience increased stress and anxiety. Halloween, which is right around the corner, may not have fireworks and loud noises like the Fourth of July, but it still makes pets fearful. Here are some tips to reduce your pet’s anxiety and keep [...]

Ring in The New Year with our Top 10 Blogs for 2017

The New Year is almost upon us, and with that comes reflection on the year gone by and – a little excitement and new energy for the year to come. At Billings Animal Family Hospital, we took some time to look back at the blogs we wrote last year, and what interested our online family. [...]

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Memorial Day Weekend Awaits! But is Your Pet Safe?

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and for those champions of the backyard BBQ, nothing can be as exciting as firing up the grill. From ribs and steaks to chilling on the deck with a cold beverage, cookouts are indeed America’s holiday pastime. However, for those of us with pets, Memorial Day weekend [...]

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Happy Feet: Keeping Pet Paws Protected from Outdoor and Heat Dangers

Despite all of the wear-and-tear they receive, pet paws are actually quite sensitive and subject to risk of injury, burn, and dryness or cracking. From scorching sidewalks to sharp rocks, paws are at increased risk, as we often spend more time outdoors with our furry companions during the summer months. So how can you better [...]

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It’s Backyard BBQ Season! Pet Safety Tips for Your Furriest Guest

Sometimes, the tastiest way to enjoy a warm July day is to fire up the grill and invite a few guests over. Backyard parties are a great way to celebrate summer with friends, family, and your party-loving canine. Unfortunately, while you pass around the plate of ribs, your chow hound may be checking out the [...]

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Animal Planet: Wildlife Safety 101

Raccoons, coyotes, snakes, deer, skunks, rabbits, foxes, and bears are only a few of the hundreds of species of wildlife that have adapted to life near humans. As Montana residents, many of us encounter some or all of these beautiful creatures on a regular basis, whether during a wilderness excursion or right in our own [...]

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