What’s the Deal With Pets and Pain?

With animals and humans not speaking the same language, recognizing a pet in pain is not always obvious—but it is important. With our increasingly busy lives and neverending to-do lists, subtle signs of pain in our furry friends can often go unnoticed. At Billings Animal Family Hospital, we know you love your pet, and we [...]

Got Something in Your Teeth? 6 Common Dental Problems in Pets

Proper dental hygiene is a vital part of your pet’s overall health care, as oral bacteria can infect not only her mouth, but also her entire body. By staying on top of your furry friend’s dental hygiene through at-home and routine veterinary care, you can prevent many dental issues. Periodic oral exams and toothbrushing at [...]

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Heatstroke In Pets: How to Enjoy a Scorching Summer Safely

Sizzling sunshine, high humidity, and fur coats don’t mix well. Add in outdoor playtime, little shade, and not enough fresh water, and you’ve got an emergency on your hands. Heat exhaustion and heatstroke in pets are all too common during the warmer months, even if temperatures aren’t sky high. On cooler days, our pets laze [...]

Prevent a Fourth of July Freakout: 6 Tips for Pet Safety

For pets, the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air should stay safely in our national anthem. Most of our furry friends are somewhat nervous about, if not deathly afraid of, thunderous noises paired with bright lights. While we revel in the Fourth of July celebrations with family and friends, our pets are better [...]

Top 10 Myths About Heartworm Disease in Your Pet

Understanding parasites and pets can be tricky, especially with the variations in disease transmission, life cycle, and prevention. This is the case with heartworm disease, a complex mosquito-borne illness now seen frequently. So, let’s put to rest common myths regarding this deadly disease. Myth: Pets in Montana don’t require heartworm prevention in winter. Truth: Pets [...]

Ring in The New Year with our Top 10 Blogs for 2017

The New Year is almost upon us, and with that comes reflection on the year gone by and – a little excitement and new energy for the year to come. At Billings Animal Family Hospital, we took some time to look back at the blogs we wrote last year, and what interested our online family. [...]

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Pot and Pets: What You Need to Know

The state of marijuana legalization in the United States is in flux, and Montana is no exception. Medical cannabis was legalized in Montana in 2004, and a 2016 ballot initiative further loosened the regulations. While proponents of medical marijuana are obviously pleased with the growing acceptance of the drug, it has had a less than [...]

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Do Pets Mourn the Loss of Another Household Pet?

Losing a beloved pet is devastating for people, and this loss can be just as upsetting to other animals in the household. Pet grief is somewhat of a mystery, and the subject of grief among animals has been the focus of many researchers for decades. From the heartbreaking image of a dog lying down in [...]

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Senior Pet Diet and Nutrition for Greater Well-Being

As pets age, their nutritional needs will change. Just as a puppy or kitten requires a special diet for rapid growth, a senior pet diet may also need to factor in certain health and lifestyle changes. Typically, many senior pets struggle with weight gain due, in part, to their inability to exercise as much as [...]

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