4 Pet Wellness Screening Components Worth the Investment

When you see your pet every day, you are less likely to notice small, gradual changes that could indicate a medical issue. Pets in the beginning stages of chronic diseases often show few or no outward signs, and you can easily consider them perfectly healthy. But, if you wait until clinical illness signs are visible, [...]

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The Facts Behind Common Misconceptions About Heartworm Disease in Pets

You may think that since you live in Montana you don’t have to worry about heartworms, but the disease is increasingly problematic for pets across the country and can lead to life-threatening consequences for your four-legged friend. Our Billings Animal Family Hospital team wants to protect your pet’s heart and lungs from heartworms, and we [...]

8 Steps of a Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning

Dental disease is common in pets, affecting approximately 80% of dogs and 70% of cats by the time they are 3 years of age. The causative bacteria can result in significant health complications for your pet, and veterinary dental care is necessary to protect their health, and to help extend their life. Our Billings Animal [...]

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That Lump Looks Suspicious: Does My Pet Have Cancer?

With pets living longer than ever, they are experiencing an increased cancer risk in their golden years. Fortunately, the advancements in veterinary medicine that allow pets to live longer come with cancer diagnosis and treatment  innovations. Cancer is more common in older dogs and cats, but pets of any age can develop cancer, so monitoring [...]

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A Pet Owner’s In-Depth Guide to Intervertebral Disc Disease

If you own a dachshund or other long-bodied breed, you likely are familiar with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), which affects the spinal cord and can cause signs ranging from pain to hind-end paralysis. Read on for our Billings Animal Family Hospital team’s answers to your questions about IVDD. Question: What is the function of intervertebral [...]

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Heartworm Disease and Prevention for Pet Owners

Heartworm disease is a serious, progressive disease, and our team at Billings Animal Family Hospital is here with the information you need to keep your pet safe, including: How heartworms are transmitted How to protect your pet from heartworms Treatments available if your pet tests heartworm-positive This dangerous condition is life-threatening, but preventable, and you [...]

A Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning—A Must for a Healthy Pet

Periodontal disease can cause pain, inflammation, infection, and other serious health problems for your pet, significantly decreasing their quality of life. Providing appropriate dental care can counteract these issues, prolonging their life. Our team at Billings Animal Family Hospital wants to explain why a professional veterinary dental cleaning is so important and what is involved [...]

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5 Important Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

As a pet owner, you have some incredibly crucial decisions to make regarding your pet’s health. From vaccinations, to medication decisions, and everything in between, you are your pet’s advocate for life. Choosing to spay or neuter (i.e., gonadectomy) them is one of the most important decisions you will have to make as a pet [...]

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