Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Indoor cats live longer and healthier lives, but they need enrichment to keep them entertained and healthy. Without the appropriate environmental stimulation, cats are at risk for certain health and behavioral issues. Our Billings Animal Family Hospital team wants to help by offering do’s and don’ts that will help keep your indoor cat happy. DO [...]

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5 Ways to Have a Happy and Healthy Indoor Cat

Living with a cat can be a mysterious, but rewarding, experience. Indoor cats need the ability to engage in natural cat behaviors in a safe, predictable environment. The Billings Animal Family Hospital team recommends five enrichment techniques to help keep your indoor cat physically and emotionally healthy. #1: Set up a cat-friendly physical environment Cats [...]

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Feline Essentials: The Importance of Routine Wellness Care for Cats

Despite what your feline friend tells you, they truly need regular and preventive veterinary care, because without such care, they are left open to a whole host of infectious diseases, behavior issues, periodontal problems, weight issues, and internal and external parasite problems. As your regal feline’s dedicated caretaker, you must ensure your precious pet’s continued [...]

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“Feline” the Love: Why Cats Need Regular Veterinary Care, Too

It’s common practice to routinely load up dogs for regular veterinary visits, but not so much for cats. Many pet owners believe their indoor-only house cat doesn’t need routine wellness care, since she doesn’t venture outdoors the way dogs do, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are experts at hiding signs of [...]

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Why is My Cat Licking the Carpet?

Quirky, eccentric, obsessive, adorable… Call it what you will, but our feline friends can be a little strange sometimes. We could probably write a novel on why cats do the things that they do, but for now, we are going to concentrate on one idiosyncratic behavior shared amongst the kitty population. Join us as Billings [...]

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Five Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

It can take months or maybe even years for a cat-owner relationship to grow strong enough to have the mutual respect that makes for a pleasant and smooth routine. Having to guess what your animal friends wish you already knew is a challenging part of pet ownership, care, and companionship. What if there was a [...]

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Crate Training Cats: It Can Be Done!

It’s likely that you’ve never really considered the benefits of crate training your cat… After all, crates are for dogs, right? And we all know that training cats to do anything requires advanced coursework at Hogwarts. Joking aside, though; there are tremendous benefits to crate training cats, and the task itself is not nearly as [...]

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