Dog French BulldogSocial media has skyrocketed us all into a hyper-aware state of knowing all the details about what’s going on around the world at any given moment. Sure, we can all binge on a long lost pal’s vacation photos ad nauseum, but beyond reunions and event notifications, social media is a powerful tool in the case of a missing pet.

While it’s easy to romanticize humankind’s past methods of communication (who doesn’t long for a love letter written in cursive, penned in India ink, sealed with a wax stamp, and hand delivered?), using social media to find a lost pet is the most effective arrow in your quiver. How, you ask? Learn more here.

Blazing The Circuits

Losing a pet is such a terrible misfortune, but the days of pounding the pavement, going door-to-door, and posting flyers around the neighborhood are becoming somewhat obsolete. This old-fashioned approach still holds a valid place in a search to find a missing pet, but our modern times involve a robust dose of immediate gratification. Indeed, using social media to find a lost pet has fast become the most effective way to reach large numbers of people that may have seen your pet, and can quickly become your allies in the search.

Exposure Rates

The sheer amount of people that can be reached through social media is almost dumbfounding. Your missing pet notifications can be seen and shared exponentially, hopefully leading to a much faster return of your pet. Successful networking on behalf of your pet truly magnifies the importance of a strong connected community – one that we believe in and strive to be a part of.

Employing Social Media To Find A Lost Pet

The internet provides numerous different social media outlets to aid in the search of a lost pet. For example:

  • Facebook – Many people employ this powerful site to reach out to as many people as possible. Providing details regarding your pet’s physical characteristics, as well as last known location can help enormously when people read and share your post. You can also find the page belonging to your local animal shelter, such as Rimrock Humane Society, or pet owners can  post a message on on our Facebook page that can be shared among all of our local friends.
  • Twitter – Many people unfamiliar with the magic of Twitter wonder how twitter works, but after a little exposure, you’ll be a true convert. Twitter limits how many characters you are able to post, and “retweeted” messages can quickly go viral, possibly leading to a certain return of your missing pet.

Likewise, if you have Google+ or have a blog on Tumblr, you can use these social media forums to help find your pet. Also helpful are different apps like PiP Alert System (super cool and free) or websites such as Pet Amber Alert (very neat, but not free).


While we hope you are never in this dreadful position of searching for a furry friend, using social media to find a lost pet is an astonishing and powerful method. Remember, there really are no substitutions for microchipping your pet, making sure tags and collars are intact, and fences are secure. However, if your pet dashes out of the door unexpectedly or wanders away from your campsite, using social media could be a temporary best friend until your real one returns home.

Please call us with any questions or concerns; we are always happy to help you and your pet!