Caring for Exotic Senior Pets

exotic senior petsIt’s fairly commonplace for dogs and cats to live long enough to earn their senior stripes. But what about exotic senior pets?

With advancements in wellness care, good husbandry, and better-than-ever treatment options, it is no surprise that all species are living longer lives than ever before. Caring for an older exotic pet is a little different than caring for a young one, though.

Do you know your stuff when it comes to caring for exotic senior pets? Billings Animal Family Hospital is here to get you up to speed.


Use It or Lose It: Why Senior Pet Exercise Matters

Part of dog playing with ballThanks to advancements in veterinary medicine and increased owner involvement, our pets are living longer than ever. As a result, senior pet care has become more and more important.

Although some pets may still run, jump, and behave like a young pup or kitten, what happens when an older pet starts to slow down? It may seem more considerate to allow him or her to rest, but a healthy senior must keep moving. Keep reading to learn more about senior pet exercise and how to keep your sweet senior in tip-top shape.


Caring for Senior Pets: Signs of Chronic Illness

Labrador dog resting indoorsJust like us, pets develop health problems as they age. It’s hard to admit (or even recognize), but modern veterinary medicine and regular at-home care can go a long way to improving and extending the lives of senior pets.

The Timeline

Senior pets are generally considered geriatric at 7 years old. As your pet ages, you may notice some behavioral changes. While some of these may be completely harmless, many shifts in patterns or habits can indicate larger health problems. Continue…

Senior Pet Care Improves Quality of Life

iStock_000017127254_MediumWhile many of our adult pets are still active, playful, and in good health; did you know that after six to seven years of age, your cat or dog is considered to be in his or her senior years?

Pets age much more rapidly than we often notice, leaving the early-stages of health issues undetected because we still see our pets as relatively young. While the terms senior or geriatric are sometimes difficult to define, most veterinarians will agree that your pet should see his or her veterinarian every six months, after six years of age. Continue…

Helping Your Senior Pet Get the Most Out of Summer

iStock_000016978232_SmallSummer is finally here and it’s likely that you can’t wait to get outside with your pet.

This may be especially true if you have a senior pet, who has probably felt cooped up indoors for too long and is aching to soak up the sunshine and stretch the old bones a bit. However, spending winter indoors has probably meant limited exercise for your arthritic pet, which can have a negative impact on your senior pet’s summer fun, if you don’t take it a little easy.

While the prospect of enjoying the yard, the lake, and long walks is exciting to you both, it’s important to start slow and not rush into any extreme activity. After all, you wouldn’t want to jump up off the couch and run a marathon at 60, and neither does your pet. Continue…

New Year, New Pet Wellness Plans!


Happy 2013!  In order to help ensure that this year is a happy and healthy one, Billings Animal Family Hospital is pleased to be offering new, specially designed wellness plans for your pets.  These plans help to make comprehensive, quality preventive veterinary care more affordable, allowing you to provide your pets with what they need.

Puppy/Kitten Package

This package provides your young pet with the things they need to get a great start in life. Your package includes:

  • Complete physical examination by the vet
  • Complete vaccination series
  • Parasite screening
  • Spay or neuter
    (including safe anesthesia, pain medications, IV, and attentive monitoring by our staff)
  • Unlimited free health exams performed at regular intervals
  • 10% discount on additional services

Senior Canine/Feline Package

Designed for dogs and cats over the age of 7 (5 for large or giant breed dogs), this package gives you an excellent opportunity to stay ahead of the curve as your pet ages! Your package includes:

  • Complete physical examination by the vet
  • Comprehensive blood and urine testing
  • Parasite screening
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Appropriate vaccinations
  • Unlimited free health exams performed at regular intervals
  • 10% discount on additional services

Both of our new Wellness Packages provide a built-in 20% discount over services done outside the package.  This can result in an average savings of $85-180 per year!  These savings can be increased even further by taking advantage of the free health exams if your pet experiences unexpected problems throughout the year.

Packages may be prepaid or we can set up a monthly automatic debit from your checking account or a recurring charge to your credit card.  There is a $30 administrative fee upon sign-up.  Feel free to contact us in order to sign up or to ask any questions.

Don’t forget that while our Wellness Plans may be new, our care is not!  We look forward to providing you and your pets with the same quality and caring service in the New Year!