Dog Training Tips Straight from the Pros

dog trainingJanuary is National Dog Training Month, and we couldn’t be more excited here at Billings Animal Family Hospital! We believe that obedience training is about so much more than having a dog who will follow commands (although, that is important too).

When done properly, dog training sets the foundation for a great relationship with your pet and helps to create a happy, well-adjusted dog.


A Recipe for Success: How Puppy Training Helps Pets Thrive

Running beagle puppy at the walkWhen you bring home a new puppy, you want to do everything exactly right. There is nothing quite like looking into those sweet, trusting eyes knowing that they are depending on you to do what is best.

While selecting the right food, picking the perfect collar, and finding just the right doggy bed may be important, a good puppy training program may be the most important thing you do for your new dog. Keep reading to learn how a formal puppy training program can help your pet thrive. Continue…