Ring in The New Year with our Top 10 Blogs for 2017

The New Year is almost upon us, and with that comes reflection on the year gone by and – a little excitement and new energy for the year to come. At Billings Animal Family Hospital, we took some time to look back at the blogs we wrote last year, and what interested our online family. We then pulled together the Top 10 Blogs for 2017 that you found the most relevant, informational, and fun. So, without further ado, we are pleased to share them here with you!


Children and Pet Loss: Helping Them Cope

children and pet lossThe death of a beloved pet is one of the most difficult paths we walk as humans, and can rock us to the very core. For children the experience can be especially intense, and consideration must be taken to help them understand death and learn how to cope with grief.

Children and pet loss certainly isn’t the most lighthearted subject, but it’s one that many families will face eventually. Your friends at Billings Animal Family Hospital hope that our insights on children and pet loss can help you and your loved ones through this turbulent time.


The Next Best Thing: Taking Care Of Your Pet After You Die

pet after you diePets have shorter lifespans than humans, and when we adopt a furry family member, we do so with the realization that we will one day be saying goodbye. But what if we are the ones who end up dying first?

As an animal lover, you make sure your pets have the best in food, shelter, veterinary care, and love. Although it’s not the happiest of topics, making plans for the care of a pet after you die is another critical aspect of responsible pet ownership.


Pot and Pets: What You Need to Know

pot and petsThe state of marijuana legalization in the United States is in flux, and Montana is no exception. Medical cannabis was legalized in Montana in 2004, and a 2016 ballot initiative further loosened the regulations.

While proponents of medical marijuana are obviously pleased with the growing acceptance of the drug, it has had a less than positive impact on many pets. The Pet Poison Hotline reports a 330% increase in marijuana toxicity cases in pets over the past several years, correlating with the rise in legalization across the country.

Educating yourself about pot and pets, including the dangers and how you can prevent an accidental poisoning, is the first step toward making sure your furry loved ones stay safe. Continue…

Gone but Not Forgotten: Understanding Pet Grief

The loss of a loved one is arguably one of the most difficult parts of the human experience, and for many pets it can be just as earth-shattering. Unlike humans, who have words to express our complex emotions, pets aren’t able to share with us how they are feeling or reacting, and it can be difficult to know how to help a grieving pet.

It’s unfortunate that we can’t sit down and “talk it out” with our pets during times of sadness and turmoil, but with patience, tenderness, and understanding, it’s possible to work through pet grief, and to help your pet enjoy life once more.


The Countdown: Billings Animal Family Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Billings_iStock_000075088461_LargeAs we prepare to bid farewell to another amazing year, we would like to take a moment to thank you for choosing Billings Animal Family Hospital. We are honored to have partnered with you and your family in providing the best care possible for your beloved pets. Thank you!

We hope you have found our blog posts informative and helpful and, as always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback. We’re heading into 2017 with the continued goal of providing our pet family readers with the best in educational, relevant, and interesting content. Continue…

Hooray: It’s National Kids and Pets Day!

boy and catIs there anything sweeter than the special relationship between a child and a pet? Kids and pets go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, cheese and crackers, and…well, you get the picture! So perfectly complementary and utterly irresistible is this adorable combo it’s easy to presume that everything is – and always will be – naturally easy going and mutually beneficial.

In honor of National Kids and Pets Day, your friends at Billings Animal Family Hospital want to make sure that relationships between the species are safely supported. That way, you and your whole family can have the most possible fun! Continue…

Celebrating Earth Day With Pets: A Spotlight On Public Health

Billings_iStock_000045052444_LargeWhat comes to mind when you think of Earth Day? Images of children holding hands and running barefoot through green grass? A crystal blue ocean filled with leaping dolphins and whales? Or perhaps a bustling recycling plant overflowing with plastic bottles ready to be turned into sweaters and park benches?

Public health probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when Earth Day is mentioned, but for pet owners, perhaps it should be.

While recycling and planting trees are wonderful and meaningful Earth Day (or everyday) activities, we invite you to consider the ways in which you as a pet owner can increase the safety, health, and beauty of your community. Continue…

A Mutt By Any Other Name… Is A Friend Indeed

Billings_iStock_000025611849_Large (1)Mutts, Mongrels, Mixes, and Mixed Breeds are all names that might be less indicative of the amazingly palatable character they have. Mutts may seem a byproduct of circumstantial canine amore, however, they are a truly endearing option when reviewing viable breeds.

In this, Breed Spotlight: Mutts, we will discuss the benefits of the lovable mutt and review a few traits common to many mutt or mixed-breeds of dogs.

Mixed-Breed Bonuses

Mutts, great and loyal, can have some of the most unique and endearing traits of any dog. Lets look at some of the bonuses or positives to owning mutts: Continue…

Five Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Billings_iStock_000026797308_LargeIt can take months or maybe even years for a cat-owner relationship to grow strong enough to have the mutual respect that makes for a pleasant and smooth routine. Having to guess what your animal friends wish you already knew is a challenging part of pet ownership, care, and companionship.

What if there was a way for you to understand what your cat wanted you to know? Would you want to hear what she had to say? If there were five things your cat wishes you knew, what would they be?

Sometimes a strong message is exactly what is needed to communicate without guessing, but until then let’s look at five things your cat wishes you knew. Continue…