Compassion Fatigue in Veterinary Medicine

compassion fatigueThose of us the in the veterinary industry are usually here because we love animals. As far as career choices go, there are many that offer better pay and hours, and far less physical labor and potentially risky situations. Any veterinary technician headed home at the end of a shift, with dog drool in her hair and cat fur on her scrubs, will tell you that she’s not in the job for the glamour.

While we share an undying love for our pet patients, working in a veterinary hospital can be an emotionally demanding career. Not every day is filled with successful treatment and happy endings. Sometimes caring too much can hurt, and compassion fatigue in veterinary medicine is a very real problem we deal with on a day to day basis.


Dr. Google: Why Depending on the Internet to Diagnose a Sick Pet is Dangerous

Billings_iStock_000016221968_LargeImagine this scenario: It’s midnight and your pet just vomited up who-knows-what and appears restless. What is the first thing you’ll likely to do? Honestly?

If you said search Google for sick pet symptoms, you would be one pet owner among many. And, while online pet health information can be informative, the problems of relying on online information to diagnose your pet are many and may put your pet’s health at risk. Continue…