The Countdown: Billings Animal Family Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Billings_iStock_000075088461_LargeAs we prepare to bid farewell to another amazing year, we would like to take a moment to thank you for choosing Billings Animal Family Hospital. We are honored to have partnered with you and your family in providing the best care possible for your beloved pets. Thank you!

We hope you have found our blog posts informative and helpful and, as always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback. We’re heading into 2017 with the continued goal of providing our pet family readers with the best in educational, relevant, and interesting content. Continue…

‘Tis the Season: Great Gifts for Pet Owners

Boy and a dogWe all know and love someone who collects…something. Not surprisingly, pet owners have a special knack for accumulating items that pay homage to their favorite pet. Over the years, these collections grow until the entire house is full of chicken knick-knacks, Boston terrier throw pillows, Macaw figurines, and photographs of cats getting into trouble.

It might seem that there aren’t any gifts for pet owners anymore, as they’ve all been purchased and displayed already. Well, Billings Animal Family Hospital has the scoop on the most clever, useful, and meaningful gifts for the animal lover in your life. Let the holiday shopping begin!