Caring for Senior Pets: Signs of Chronic Illness

Labrador dog resting indoorsJust like us, pets develop health problems as they age. It’s hard to admit (or even recognize), but modern veterinary medicine and regular at-home care can go a long way to improving and extending the lives of senior pets.

The Timeline

Senior pets are generally considered geriatric at 7 years old. As your pet ages, you may notice some behavioral changes. While some of these may be completely harmless, many shifts in patterns or habits can indicate larger health problems. Continue…

In Full Swing: How to Beat Your Pet’s Back to School Blues

guinea pig in glasses reading a bookOne of the best ways to manage change in your household is to keep to a routine. This time-tested approach works wonders for people, but it’s also a great strategy for your pet at the start of the school year.

The back to school blues are felt profoundly by your four-legged family member, but with a healthy combination of preparation and patience, your pet’s new routine will be a smashing success.