Happy Feet: Keeping Pet Paws Protected from Outdoor and Heat Dangers

Doggie PawsDespite all of the wear-and-tear they receive, pet paws are actually quite sensitive and subject to risk of injury, burn, and dryness or cracking. From scorching sidewalks to sharp rocks, paws are at increased risk, as we often spend more time outdoors with our furry companions during the summer months.

So how can you better protect those tender paws? Through summertime pet paw care!


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream… For Pet Popsicles!

Dog And A Red PopsicleSwimming in the river, running through the sprinklers, splashing in a kiddie pool, lying by the fan, and hiding in the air conditioned house are all perfectly acceptable ways for our pets to keep cool now that summer is in full swing. But why not shake things up for our furry friends by offering them a time-honored, summer tradition: the popsicle?

Pet popsicles are becoming quite “the thing” these days, and with tons of health options available for making your own, there’s no reason not to indulge your pet in one of these tasty treats. Continue…

It’s Backyard BBQ Season! Pet Safety Tips for Your Furriest Guest

Group of friends eating outdoorSometimes, the tastiest way to enjoy a warm July day is to fire up the grill and invite a few guests over. Backyard parties are a great way to celebrate summer with friends, family, and your party-loving canine.

Unfortunately, while you pass around the plate of ribs, your chow hound may be checking out the trash, stray food, and unattended dishes. To get the most out of your hosting experience, beef up on these pet safety tips about potentially hazardous foods. Continue…