Fear Free and Proud:  All About Our Fear Free Certification

Beagle at the veterinarianWhile most owners know how important it is to bring their pet in for their wellness examinations, actually mustering up the gumption to do so can be another story altogether. Besides finding the time and wrestling an often unwilling participant into a pet carrier or the vehicle, it can be hard to watch your sweet companion become anxious or even terrified while at our hospital.

That is why Billings Animal Family Hospital has dedicated itself to making your visits to see us as pleasant as possible and have committed ourselves to achieving our Fear Free Certification. Continue…

A Springtime Reminder: Avoiding Encounters with Venomous Snakes

Billings_iStock_000002429053_LargeThe coming of spring and warmer weather often means spending more time in Mother Nature. And, not only are pet owners and their pets ready to get out for some fun and sun, there is also more risk of encountering sun-loving venomous snakes.

Because we live in an area rife with snakes and the potential for an encounter, we want to review the importance of snake awareness and bite prevention, both for pet owners and their four-legged friends. Continue…

Here Comes The Sun: Pet Summer Safety Reminders

dog relaxing on grassThere’s nothing like summertime in Montana! After a grueling winter, people and their pets are all ready to stretch our legs and take in the sun. Before you hit the rivers, lakes, trails, or backyard with your pet this summer, take a moment to bone up on pet summer safety tips from your friends at Billings Animal Hospital.

Pet Summer Safety Begins At Home

Summer wouldn’t be the same without plenty of time spent grilling, playing, and just hanging out in the backyard. It’s important to be aware that many potential pet toxins are lurking right under our noses, in and around our homes and yards. Continue…