Petscaping: Creating a Pet Friendly Backyard

Arlington_iStock_000071200371_LargeA basic backyard for your pet should include fencing, access to water, shade, and his or her own patch on which to answer nature’s call. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, going the extra mile to design a truly pet friendly backyard has far-reaching benefits. Not only will your pet be happy and safe, you can rest assured he or she isn’t misbehaving. Let the design challenge begin!

Safety First

Depending on the size of your backyard, you may want all or part of it fenced in. Dog runs can be a great addition to a larger property that isn’t fully enclosed (as long as your pet doesn’t feel isolated). Always make sure your pet is safe within the perimeter and cannot easily escape (over or under the fence). The following considerations are also important: Continue…

A Mutt By Any Other Name… Is A Friend Indeed

Billings_iStock_000025611849_Large (1)Mutts, Mongrels, Mixes, and Mixed Breeds are all names that might be less indicative of the amazingly palatable character they have. Mutts may seem a byproduct of circumstantial canine amore, however, they are a truly endearing option when reviewing viable breeds.

In this, Breed Spotlight: Mutts, we will discuss the benefits of the lovable mutt and review a few traits common to many mutt or mixed-breeds of dogs.

Mixed-Breed Bonuses

Mutts, great and loyal, can have some of the most unique and endearing traits of any dog. Lets look at some of the bonuses or positives to owning mutts: Continue…

Girl Power! A Look at Women in Veterinary Science

Billings_OVRS_iStock_000064223829_LargeMany things in veterinary medicine have changed over the last 100 (or even 20 years). The field has evolved tremendously from the days of James Herriot, when the family veterinarian was a one-man show, treating all species great and small within a town.

Another major thing that is different in modern times is the number of women involved in the field. In honor of Expanding Your Horizons, an organization dedicated to encouraging girls to enter science and engineering fields, Billings Animal Family Hospital is excited to take a look at the role of women in veterinary science and what opportunities await girls interested in the field. Continue…