Five Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Billings_iStock_000026797308_LargeIt can take months or maybe even years for a cat-owner relationship to grow strong enough to have the mutual respect that makes for a pleasant and smooth routine. Having to guess what your animal friends wish you already knew is a challenging part of pet ownership, care, and companionship.

What if there was a way for you to understand what your cat wanted you to know? Would you want to hear what she had to say? If there were five things your cat wishes you knew, what would they be?

Sometimes a strong message is exactly what is needed to communicate without guessing, but until then let’s look at five things your cat wishes you knew. Continue…

Five Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Billings_iStock_000075088461_LargePerhaps you’ve seen the multitude of phone or tablet apps that are supposed to translate human speech to barks, growls, and howls that our dogs can understand. Or maybe you’ve read the articles about a machine that will let us know what our pup is trying to tell us.

While high-tech translations are a tempting idea, having some sort of universal translation device still seems like something from a B-rated sci-fi flick.And, unfortunately, much of what we have read about and tried is, indeed, science fiction.

So, until Fido can order out for doggy treats or communicate terms for couch sitting privileges, there may be some guesswork for what your dog wishes you knew. Continue…

Five Ways Dogs and Cats Show Their Love

OVRS_iStock_000017127254_LargeThere really is nothing like coming home from a rough day at work to the warm and friendly face of your fur baby. Happy and eager to comfort you from the adversity of the world, our furry friends give comfort, friendship, and love.

What signs do our dogs and cats give us that they love us? How do they communicate those emotions? What do our pets do that show us they love us? Let’s cover some of the activities that speak from his or her heart to yours and help you and feel the love.


Eye Contact – Your puppy pal will be comfortable giving a long gaze if he or she is in love with you.

Smiles for Miles – Canines use the same muscles to smile that people do. So, smile at each other more often to show that affirmative affection. Continue…

Brushing Up on Your Pet’s Dental Health

iStock_000031982520_MediumThe line between fact and fiction used to be rather formidable, but these days, it’s downright fuzzy. Thanks in part to reality television and sensational media, we all seem to wonder what is actually real. Indeed, what is the truth?

In spite of this unclear outlook, Billings Animal Family Hospital knows some things are absolute, and one of them is the importance of your pet’s dental health. Our unwavering commitment to this will hopefully inspire you to pick up your pet’s toothbrush and get cleaning! Continue…

What’s New? Check Out Our New Ultrasound Capabilities

Billings_iStock_000012611017_LargeYou probably have realized that Billings Animal Family Hospital is all about staying on the cutting edge and providing the best possible care for your animal family. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our diagnostic, treatment, and care capabilities. That is why we are so excited to share with you our new ultrasound capabilities. Continue…