Pet Dental Chews: Tried and True or a Waste of Money?

WestPark-_-Leon_iStock_000031982520_Large.jpgThe over-the-counter pet supply market is big business. Pet owners spend millions of dollars every year on toys, accessories, and health care products for their beloved furry family friends.

We have all heard how important dental care is for our pets, so it is no wonder that the market is flooded with pet dental chews, treats, rinses, and foods. But before you get lost in this plethora of oral care products for pets, take a step back and learn about if they are really worth the cost. Continue…

Tips and Tricks for Moving Your Cat

Billings_Leon_iStock_000057478694_LargeMaybe you’ve had it with your upstairs neighbor moving furniture at all hours of the night. Or, maybe that big promotion at work finally came through… in Omaha. Whatever the precipice, one thing is clear: moving is in your future.

But have you thought about how best to move your cat? Sure, cats love boxes, but change is not the feline’s forte. From keeping your kitty safe while you pack, to physically transporting him from Point A to Point B, to helping him settle into your new digs, there is a lot to consider. Continue…

Black Cats and Halloween: The Myths, the Facts, the Dangers

iStock_000008891247_LargeAt some point in time, the image of a black cat, hackles raised and eyes glowing, has become intimately associated with the Halloween holiday. They certainly add an aura of mystique to the season, but why black cats? Read on to learn more about how black cats and Halloween have come to be associated and separate the facts from the spooky speculation.

The History of Black Cats and Halloween

The connection between black cats and Halloween is certainly not a new one. Stories of black cats, thought to be evil spirits, being sacrificed into fires during the celebration of the Lord of the Dead on October 31 can be found about 2,000 years back in Druid circles. Continue…

Wildlife Awareness for Pet Owners

Desert CoyoteWhile you may not consider yourself the Grizzly Adams type, life in Montana means exposure to Mother Nature in all of her beauty and perils (after all, it’s why we live here). Wildlife awareness is almost second nature to us, and we often have personal stories with wildlife close encounters.

But wildlife safety takes a different turn when we are pet owners. Whether our cat is outdoors a lot or we love to hike with our dog, there are precautions to take.

The Basics of Wildlife Awareness

Even if you aren’t planning a camping or hiking excursion, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with species that have adapted to urban areas. And, it is not uncommon to run into coyotes, bears, skunks, foxes, and other wildlife. Continue…

The Billings Animal Family Hospital Guide To Healthy Treats

Portrait of a Parson Jack Russell Terrier transfixed by the prospect of a treatThe word “treat” is not generally synonymous with “healthy”. Most treats for pets, and for people, come in packages and are laden with fat, salt, and sugar. All pets love prepackaged treats, but did you know that most enjoy fruits and vegetables too?

Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, certain properly prepared fruits, veggies, and other pantry staples make wonderful alternative treats for dogs and cats. When deciding which of the many healthy treats to offer your pet, it is absolutely vital to keep in mind that some people food is toxic to pets and therefore strictly off-limits, such as grapes, onions, chocolate, and macadamia nuts to name a few.