All A-Board! Pet Boarding Checklist for Traveling Pet Parents

Terrier Dog in SuitcaseIf you are anticipating heading out on your much-needed summertime vacation, now is the time to think ahead about your plans for your pet. It would be nice, of course, to take Mittens with you on your journey, but oftentimes pet travel presents too make risks to safety and well-being. Pet boarding, in many cases, is the safest option, and can even provide enrichment for a lonely or bored fur friend.

But, where do you begin? Continue…

Ahead of the Curve: Summer Pet Safety Tips

Billings_iStock_000013380754_LargeMontana remains a truly wild place – that’s why we love it here. Your pet (being a little wild, as well) likely loves nature, too, and the adventures waiting in the great backyard or beyond the fenceline. However, it’s always good to temper all that excitement with some caution. As we approach the long, lazy days of summer, we recommend the following summer pet safety tips to help you prepare – and protect your pet.

Abundant Sunshine

Pets adapt fairly well to seasonal changes, making it easy to forget all the potential risks associated with longer days and hotter temps. Always remember that your pet needs: Continue…

Beat the Heat, Not the Other Way Around

Billings_iStock_000064735487_LargeNow that Summer is here, fun warm-weather activities for you and your pets abound. Long walks, chasing Frisbees, hiking, biking, swimming – the joys of summer exercise and play are hard to beat. Sadly, some otherwise healthy warm-weather fun may have unhealthy results for your pets if you aren’t paying attention.

Not-so Fun in the Sun

An awareness of warm weather pet safety is extremely important. Emergency pet clinics receive all sorts of summer-fun related animal trauma, but one of the worst summer emergencies involves overheating. We humans are able to sweat from all parts of our skin, which allows evaporation to cool us down. Dogs, on the other hand, can only sweat from their foot pads, which is not too effective – especially if you are standing on them. Continue…

Decoding Doggy Behavior: Why Dogs Hump Things


Billings_iStock_000009502242_LargeIt always seems like it happens at the most inopportune moment: Your grandmother is over for dinner, or your kids are hosting a neighborhood playdate. Then, out of nowhere, your normally well-behaved family pet mounts a toy or, worse yet, one of your visitors.

What makes dogs engage in this embarrassing behavior? Most pet owners have wondered at some point why dogs hump and what they can do about it. Keep reading to become an expert in this common doggy indiscretion. Continue…

Ask a Vet: Why is My Dog Licking Ears?

Billings_iStock_000047633956_LargeOur canine companions are known for having many cute, quirky, and sometimes even bizarre behaviors. Many of them stem from some evolutionary behavior or communication mechanism. Others are just unique to the family dog.

You may have noticed your pet licking the ears of another dog, cat, or even human in the household. This borderline gross behavior is not uncommon among dogs, but most pet owners have to wonder why their dog is licking ears. There are two possible answers to this age old question. Continue…