Getting Wet with Your Pet: Water Safety for Dogs

Labrador Retriever Hunting in a RiverMontana may be Big Sky country, but it’s hard not to love her waters. From the Yellowstone and Big Horn rivers to Lake Elmo State Park and the natural hot springs hidden away from it all, it’s likely there is somewhere that speaks to your soul. And, as a pet owner, it’s even more likely that you share these places with your dog.

Whether you’re fishing, boating, swimming, or hunting; when you live in Billings, water safety for dogs is something you can’t take for granted. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

Water Safety for Dogs

Water comes in all different shapes, sizes, and speeds; there is no one-size-fits all approach to keeping your pet safe. However, there are a few pro-tips (and plenty of common sense) to keep in mind… Continue…

Puppy Love: Raising the Perfect Pooch through Puppy Socialization

iStock_000017065286_MediumFrom their waggling behinds to their sheer exuberance as they take in the world around them, puppies provide smiles, laughter, and fun for our families. If you have been or are the pet parent to a new little bundle of fur, you may well be aware that puppies also require a lot of time and energy with house training, positive reinforcement, and socialization.

Of course, there are many benefits for us pet owners when we choose to provide the right training to our new pups, such as avoiding accidents, keeping chewing to a minimum, and redirecting the hyperactivity. But, training, socialization, and behavioral cues for a wide variety of situations also protect your pet from injury, accident, escape, or aggression.

As with all training, puppy socialization allows your pet to become used to or adjust to being around a wide variety of situations, people, and settings. This exposure makes it possible for your pet to feel more relaxed and confident around other people and animals. Continue…

On the Road Again: Traveling With Pets

Westie Enjoyin Teton National Park, WyomingSummer road trips and family vacations bring to mind nostalgia and opportunities for making new memories. Not surprisingly, many pet owners choose to include our family pets, especially our canines, on these memory-making road trips to beautiful destinations. If you are planning on traveling with pets this summer, you’re probably wondering how to prepare for the long trip with your pet.

Here are some considerations and tips to ensure a fun, harmonious, and pet-safe adventure.

Before the Journey: Pet-Safe Travel Preparation

  • If you haven’t taken your pet on a long trip before, spend some time acclimating him or her to traveling by going on short, local drives.
  • You buckle-up for safety, and so should your pet. Use a sturdy, ventilated carrier buckled into the back seat for cats and small mammals, or, for larger dogs, a crate that has been secured with a belt, netting, or straps. Some dogs prefer to sit on the car seat and are comfortable using a special seat belt attachable harness. Do your homework on pet restraint systems before you buy, and call us with questions.
  • If you are traveling to a new environment, consider the possible pests, parasites, or wildlife you might encounter. Discuss additional vaccinations and preventatives (such as those for mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas) your pet may require with your veterinarian.
  • Not all lodging or campground facilities are pet-friendly. Do your homework in advance by contacting the facility or hotel and inquiring about their pet policies specific to the breed, size, and temperament of your pet. Websites like are great resources in your search for lodging.
  • Microchip your pet and ensure his or her identification tags are current. Include a cell phone number and email on your pet’s ID tags, too.
  • Continue…

    Building Your Own Pet First-Aid Kit

    iStock_000005766766_MediumWhen you have a minor pet emergency at home, having a pet first-aid kit on hand for immediate care can help a lot. Not only will it allow you to administer any minor care yourself, but it will also give you the supplies you might need to stabilize your pet until you can come in for emergency veterinary care.

    Ideally, a fully-equipped pet first-aid kit will contain most of the supplies you will need for your pet’s situation. It’s also wise to keep a smaller kit in your car for any situation your pet may have while on the go or while camping. Knowing some basic first-aid tips for your pet can also be helpful and we recommend downloading the American Red Cross’ Pet First-Aid app to your phone, for quick reference. Continue…

    Summer Safety for Pets

    iStock_000004795774_SmallFor most of us, summer means spending more time outdoors with your pet for a little fun in the sun. From basking in the summer sun and hiking the local trails to taking out pets for a swim or on a camping adventure, there’s endless fun to be had when summer comes to Montana.

    But the increased temperatures also mean taking the necessary precautions to ensure your pet remains happy, healthy and hydrated in the heat. So before you head out on your next adventure, consider these tips when it comes to summer safety for pets.

    Staying Hydrated

    Keeping your pet hydrated in the hot summer weather is essential, so make sure your pet has access to fresh drinking water throughout the day. Usually this means having more than one water dish available to your pet, located at different spots in the yard and house. Continue…

    Fourth of July Pet Safety

    iStock_000023839723_SmallAlthough you and your family may enjoy the awesome fireworks and local festivities surrounding the Fourth of July, these celebrations can pose a number of problems for your pet’s safety and well-being, making Fourth of July pet safety a must for any responsible pet owner.

    Your pet can become incredibly distressed by the loud noises, bright lights, and large crowds that accompany the Fourth. This distress can manifest itself through stress and fear, resulting in timid or aggressive behavior; or your pet may try to escape, and end up a Fourth of July statistic (July 5 is the busiest day for local animal shelters). Your pet’s health is also at risk during this time of year, when not-so-pet-friendly picnic foods and alcoholic beverages can easily end up within your pet’s reach.

    Help keep your pet safe this week by following these Fourth of July pet safety tips… Continue…