Easter Pet Safety

EasterKittyIt may seem strange to think of Easter as a threat to our pets; after all, for many of us, the holiday itself is synonymous with fluffy bunnies and baby animals. Yet many Easter traditions involve foods and decorations that are dangerous to pets, making the holiday one to watch out for when it comes to pet safety.

As you prep for Peter Cottontail and your family’s Easter activities, be sure to consider how accessible your celebrations are to your pets and take the extra time to keep your furry family members safe from the dangers you may not consider…

Chocolate and Candies

One of the most common causes for pet emergencies over the Easter weekend is chocolate and Xylitol.

The theobromine in chocolate is highly toxic to most animals, especially dogs. Even a small amount can be fatal, depending on the cocoa content Continue…

Billings Animal Family Hospital? There’s an App for That!

BillingsAppBillings Animal Family Hospital is excited to introduce its foray into the exciting world of mobile technology with the launch of our new app! At BAFH, we know how important technology has become to our everyday life – especially mobile technology – and it is our hope that this app will make your pet’s veterinary care more accessible, and interacting with our staff and service more convenient.

Smart Phone – Smart Care

The Billings Animal Family Hospital app is available free of charge for the Android OS, as well as the iPhone and iPad, making it accessible to all smartphone users, regardless of your mobile device’s operating system. Continue…

Advanced Pet Pain Management

cat with broken legDid you know that pets experience pain just like we do? Unfortunately, many conditions that pets experience are painful, but their ability to mask that pain is tremendous. Whether it be after a surgery, due to trauma, or secondary to a chronic condition, it is our priority at Billings Animal Family Hospital to minimize any discomfort that your family pet may feel.

Most veterinary hospitals offer pain-relief for their patients, but we are happy to offer cutting-edge pet pain management techniques to provide all of our patients with the most effective pain control possible.

Good pet pain management is not only important from a comfort perspective, but is also an important part your pet’s healing. It is important for us to address pain in our pets to provide the best possible outcome for your pet’s condition. Continue…