Celebrating Your Pet’s Life

PetLossThe death of a pet is never easy. Even under the best of circumstances – where you know that your pet’s passing has been the culmination of a long and joyous life, and you’ve had ample time to prepare and say your good-byes – letting go of your best friend and constant companion of the time you spent together can seem impossible.

For some pet owners, the loss of a pet is felt as acutely as the loss of a close human friend or family member. And while others may not feel the loss as strongly, it is important to remember that the grief each of us feels is real, and should be honored for what it is. Continue…

How Pets Benefit Our Health

HappyHoundOur pets love us unconditionally. No matter how bad we mess up, how messy our house gets, or how crazy out hair looks in the morning, we can always count on our pets to love us just the same.

But why do we love our pets? Sure, there are the quirky personality traits, the big soulful eyes and overwhelming adorableness, the crazy antics, and the comfort of having someone to come home too; that’s pretty much a given for all pet owners. But what else is there that drives us to keep pets in our life year after year, and even pet after pet?

It’s possible that there’s a biological imperative that is driving you to be a pet owner. Most people don’t realize that there are scientifically proven health benefits to being a pet owner, but there are. Perhaps our subconscious knows this better than we do, and that’s what compels us to keep our furry friends around, no matter what.

Here are some examples of how pets benefit our health… Continue…

Valentine’s Day Pet Safety Tips

Kitten with rose petalsFor many of us, nothing is better than getting flowers, chocolates and those kitschy conversation hearts from our sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. But sadly, many of the iconic Valentines Day offerings we give and receive on February 14 can be harmful to our beloved pets.

Chocolate, artificial sweeteners (Xylitol in particular), and many flowers have toxic properties that can wreak havoc on our pet’s internal systems. This toxicity can cause immediate discomfort and distress on your pet, and possibly result in long-term or fatal consequences.

As you give and receive this Valentine’s Day, keep the following cautions in mind and keep these gifts well out of your pet’s reach. Or, perhaps, use this as an excuse to try a new approach to Valentine’s this day, and give gifts that are safe for everyone. Here are our Valentine’s Day pet safety tips… Continue…

Responsible Pet Ownership

dog and manFebruary is Responsible Pet Ownership Awareness Month, and the perfect opportunity to think about what it means to be a responsible pet owner. It is easy to fall in love with creatures great and small, but each time you choose to include a new pet in your life it is important to ask yourself if you are able to provide what that pet needs.

The Basics

These qualify as no-brainers, but sadly there are pets in the world that are not having these basic needs met. Any animal that is under your care should have its basic needs fulfilled. Continue…