New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

NewTricksWith New Years Eve and the dawn of 2014 approaching, many of you may be reflecting on your New Year’s resolutions. But what about your pets? If they could make a New Year’s resolution or two, what would they be?

We’ve come up with a few ideas on what life changes your pet might resolve to make, given the chance. Maybe these New Year’s resolutions for your pet will inspire you to act on your pet’s behalf and make 2014 a happy and healthy year for you both.

2014 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Maintain a healthy weight—Pet’s should maintain a healthy weight just like us; and for the same reasons, too. If your pet is overweight (or underweight), bring him or her in for a nutritional consultation. We’ll help your pet get on the right food at the right amount for a healthy diet.
  2. Get more exercise—Whether it’s going for a hike or running circles around your bedroom at 3 a.m., pets need to exercise. Help your pet meet this goal by going for short, daily walks (with longer hikes on the weekend), introducing a scratching post into your home for your cats (they provide a great workout for your kitty), or playing a game of fetch or catch-the-laser before the day is through. Not only will your pet be happy for the fresh air and time with you, but chances are good that you’ll both sleep better at night, too. Continue…

Pet-Friendly Holiday Fun


As the big day draws near, you may be wondering what to get your pet for Christmas. And while Fluffy or Fido may enjoy a new toy or collar, it is almost certain that what he or she would appreciate the most this holiday season is spending time with you and your family.

Even though we advise leaving your pet at home for most Christmas parties and daylong shopping trips, there is plenty of pet-friendly holiday fun to be had with your dog or cat this Christmas. Here are a few ideas…

snowdayDog Activities

Finding time to send with your canine companion doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you prep your pup for the activity at hand.

If you and yours are off to see the holiday lights, pack up your dog and bring him or her along for the special ride. Just be certain that he or she has a safe space to ride and a warm blanket to lie on should you stop for cocoa along the way.

If you haven’t gotten your tree yet, and are planning on hunting your own in the mountains, consider taking your dog along as well; as long as he or she is built to handle the hike and the snow. You will want to be certain to pack food, water, and blanket for your pup, but this is the kind of holiday activity most dogs thrive on. Continue…

A Worthy Cause: Supporting Pet Rescue

As the year draws to a close and the season of giving is upon us, many of you may be considering making a charitable contribution to a worthy cause. We know that there are many charities in need. But we hope that, as pet owners, you will consider entrusting your charitable donation to a pet-friendly cause.

Why Donate to a Pet Charity? Rescue Cat

With the population of homeless and stray animals on the rise, and the overall economic hardships many are facing, many pets and pet owners are finding themselves in dire straights. Many pets are abandoned or surrendered because their families can no longer afford the daily cost of caring for a pet, just as others cannot afford the cost of life-saving treatments in an emergency.

Whatever the circumstances, there are many wonderful charities caring for pets (and their families) during their time of need. Here are a few of our favorites: Continue…

Holiday Safety and Your Pets

The holidays are here, and we want to be sure that you and your pets have a happy, healthy start to the New Year. While this time of year is often fun and exciting, many seasonal traditions and activities may pose a risk to your family pets. Be on the lookout for the following holiday pet dangers… Continue…