Rattlesnakes in Montana: What to Know


As spring spirals toward summer, the mountains of Montana—especially those around Billings—become a hot bed for reptilian life. Chief among the cold-blooded community calling our area home are rattlesnakes. Rattlers are a reality of life here in Billings, and as such it’s more than just wise to know how to protect your pets from the threat these serpents pose. Continue…

Tick Season

dog on mountain, ticks

As spring begins to bloom into summer, invariably we will find that tick season is upon us once again. For many seasoned pet owners, knowing how to battle these bloodsuckers is old hat. But for new pet owners, or those new to the Billings area, knowing how to protect your pet and prepare for battle with these parasites can seem a bit overwhelming.

We understand how you’re feeling. Ticks are gross. Continue…

Tips for Proper Pocket Pet Care


hamstercare_iStock_000000296889XSmallIf you have a pocket pet (pets such as hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and the like), you have probably come to realize that there is a little more to their care than you originally thought.

These furry little critters are capable of stealing our hearts just as much as any dog or cat, and they look to us in order to ensure that they are properly cared for. Use the following tips to be sure that you are providing the best possible care for your pocket pets. Continue…