Helping a surviving pet deal with the loss of a pet buddy


Bob and Mia were 11-year-old Himalayan cats rescued from an animal shelter when they were tiny fur babies. The brother and sister were inseparable over the years. As a kitten, Mia once got stuck under a deck and Bob stood guard over the hole howling ferociously until their human family members found her. During another incident years later, Mia became seriously ill and appeared to be at the end of her life. Faithful Bob held vigil next to Mia throughout the entire ordeal and only left her side when she finally struggled to her feet in obvious recovery. Continue…

Fun Facts About Your Pet’s Mouth!


In celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month coming up in February, here area few fun  facts about your pet’s mouth!

  • Dogs and cats have a full set of baby teeth that are replaced with adult teeth, just like humans!
  • Dogs have 42 permanent adult teeth; cats have 30.
  • Periodontal disease (teeth/gums) is the most common disease seen in adult dogs and cats.
  • Providing your pet with good dental hygiene can add 2-4 years to its life!
  • Contrary to what you’ve heard, a dog’s mouth is NOT cleaner than a human’s mouth.
  • Periodontal disease causes inflammation and infection that can damage other organs including the heart, liver, and kidneys.
  • Small breed dogs are more likely to have dental issues. Why? Because their teeth are often a little too large for the size of their mouths.
  • The most common sign of periodontal disease is bad breath, or halitosis (aka dog breath).
  • Most pets will not stop eating even when severe periodontal disease is present, so that isn’t a reliable sign.
  • Sneezing and nasal discharge can be a sign of a tooth infection.
  • Proper dental cleaning requires general anesthesia in pets.
  • For good dental health, your pet’s teeth should be brushed daily.
  • Approximately 80% of dogs and cats will have some form of dental disease by age three.
  • Veterinary dentists perform many of the same procedures as human dentists, including root canals and crowns!

Take advantage of National Pet Dental Health Month by bringing your dog or cat in for that dental work you have been putting off!  Billings Animal Hospital is pleased to be able to offer 10% off all dental cleanings (including anesthesia and monitoring) through March 31st.  Please call us today at 406-245-4772 to schedule your appointment while it is on your mind.

New Year, New Pet Wellness Plans!


Happy 2013!  In order to help ensure that this year is a happy and healthy one, Billings Animal Family Hospital is pleased to be offering new, specially designed wellness plans for your pets.  These plans help to make comprehensive, quality preventive veterinary care more affordable, allowing you to provide your pets with what they need.

Puppy/Kitten Package

This package provides your young pet with the things they need to get a great start in life. Your package includes:

  • Complete physical examination by the vet
  • Complete vaccination series
  • Parasite screening
  • Spay or neuter
    (including safe anesthesia, pain medications, IV, and attentive monitoring by our staff)
  • Unlimited free health exams performed at regular intervals
  • 10% discount on additional services

Senior Canine/Feline Package

Designed for dogs and cats over the age of 7 (5 for large or giant breed dogs), this package gives you an excellent opportunity to stay ahead of the curve as your pet ages! Your package includes:

  • Complete physical examination by the vet
  • Comprehensive blood and urine testing
  • Parasite screening
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Appropriate vaccinations
  • Unlimited free health exams performed at regular intervals
  • 10% discount on additional services

Both of our new Wellness Packages provide a built-in 20% discount over services done outside the package.  This can result in an average savings of $85-180 per year!  These savings can be increased even further by taking advantage of the free health exams if your pet experiences unexpected problems throughout the year.

Packages may be prepaid or we can set up a monthly automatic debit from your checking account or a recurring charge to your credit card.  There is a $30 administrative fee upon sign-up.  Feel free to contact us in order to sign up or to ask any questions.

Don’t forget that while our Wellness Plans may be new, our care is not!  We look forward to providing you and your pets with the same quality and caring service in the New Year!