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5 Ways to Stay Active with Your Pet All Year

Although the frigid temperatures in Billings are an excellent excuse to stay cozy on the couch under a mound of blankets, an inactive season can mean your pet packs on too many pounds. Obesity is a serious condition in pets, with more than half the U.S. pet population overweight or obese. Without regular physical activity, [...]

Does My Pet Have Dementia?

Sharing a home with a senior pet is rewarding and special. Advances in veterinary medicine, combined with good nutrition and improved home care, mean pets are living longer and thriving into their grey muzzle years. However, as pets age, they are more susceptible to age-related changes such as arthritis and decreased organ function. Additionally, once [...]

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5 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home for a Safe and Happy Holiday

As the holiday season kicks into high gear, your to-do list is likely overflowing with items that still need to be checked off. During this chaotic time, things can easily fall through the cracks, especially when it comes to keeping your holiday decor safe from your pet, and vice versa. Fortunately, your Billings Animal Family [...]

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What’s the Deal With Pets and Pain?

With animals and humans not speaking the same language, recognizing a pet in pain is not always obvious—but it is important. With our increasingly busy lives and neverending to-do lists, subtle signs of pain in our furry friends can often go unnoticed. At Billings Animal Family Hospital, we know you love your pet, and we [...]

Feline Essentials: The Importance of Routine Wellness Care for Cats

Despite what your feline friend tells you, they truly need regular and preventive veterinary care, because without such care, they are left open to a whole host of infectious diseases, behavior issues, periodontal problems, weight issues, and internal and external parasite problems. As your regal feline’s dedicated caretaker, you must ensure your precious pet’s continued [...]

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7 Ways to Enjoy a Star-Spangled July Fourth with Your Pet

Summertime is full of foods cooked on the grill, lake adventures, and the highlight of the season—July Fourth. As the most dazzling summer holiday approaches, follow these seven tips, to keep your furry pal safe and happy, despite the exploding fireworks overhead.  #1: Beat the heat with cool pet treats When the summer heats up, [...]

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Avoid Panic During a Pandemic: 5 Ways to Simplify Caring for Your Pet While Quarantined

Normalcy during a pandemic is not easy. Struggling to find all the supplies needed to keep your family healthy, clean, and fed at home is quite the challenge—not to mention the additional stress from job lay-offs, school closings, and sick friends and family. We understand that coping with the COVID-19 crisis is a juggling act, [...]

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