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“Feline” the Love: Why Cats Need Regular Veterinary Care, Too

It’s common practice to routinely load up dogs for regular veterinary visits, but not so much for cats. Many pet owners believe their indoor-only house cat doesn’t need routine wellness care, since she doesn’t venture outdoors the way dogs do, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are experts at hiding signs of [...]

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Heatstroke In Pets: How to Enjoy a Scorching Summer Safely

Sizzling sunshine, high humidity, and fur coats don’t mix well. Add in outdoor playtime, little shade, and not enough fresh water, and you’ve got an emergency on your hands. Heat exhaustion and heatstroke in pets are all too common during the warmer months, even if temperatures aren’t sky high. On cooler days, our pets laze [...]

Prevent a Fourth of July Freakout: 6 Tips for Pet Safety

For pets, the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air should stay safely in our national anthem. Most of our furry friends are somewhat nervous about, if not deathly afraid of, thunderous noises paired with bright lights. While we revel in the Fourth of July celebrations with family and friends, our pets are better [...]

Top 10 Myths About Heartworm Disease in Your Pet

Understanding parasites and pets can be tricky, especially with the variations in disease transmission, life cycle, and prevention. This is the case with heartworm disease, a complex mosquito-borne illness now seen frequently. So, let’s put to rest common myths regarding this deadly disease. Myth: Pets in Montana don’t require heartworm prevention in winter. Truth: Pets [...]

Figuring Out Your Feline: Interpreting Cat Communication Cues

Unraveling the mystery that is your feline friend can be quite challenging. Cuddly and welcoming one moment, then spitting fire the next, a cat’s mood may change in an instant, seemingly without cause. Cats can communicate using the slightest change in body posture, often making it difficult for owners to identify and interpret mood shifts. [...]

Cold Weather Care for Pets

Cold weather can be more than uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous. When temperatures drop, keep a watchful eye on your pet—age, health, and exposure time can impact your pet’s ability to handle the cold. Here are some tips to keep your pet cozy and safe this winter.   Outdoor conditions Before you head outside, [...]

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Leptospirosis on the Rise: Is Your Pet at Risk?

Be on alert: With more than 250 known strains of leptospirosis, this potentially fatal disease is on the rise. Caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium known as a spirochete (nope, there’s no relation to a parakeet), leptospirosis, or “lepto,” is a widespread disease that is becoming more common here in Billings. Here’s what you need to [...]

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