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That Lump Looks Suspicious: Does My Pet Have Cancer?

With pets living longer than ever, they are experiencing an increased cancer risk in their golden years. Fortunately, the advancements in veterinary medicine that allow pets to live longer come with cancer diagnosis and treatment  innovations. Cancer is more common in older dogs and cats, but pets of any age can develop cancer, so monitoring [...]

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A Pet Owner’s In-Depth Guide to Intervertebral Disc Disease

If you own a dachshund or other long-bodied breed, you likely are familiar with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), which affects the spinal cord and can cause signs ranging from pain to hind-end paralysis. Read on for our Billings Animal Family Hospital team’s answers to your questions about IVDD. Question: What is the function of intervertebral [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Indoor cats live longer and healthier lives, but they need enrichment to keep them entertained and healthy. Without the appropriate environmental stimulation, cats are at risk for certain health and behavioral issues. Our Billings Animal Family Hospital team wants to help by offering do’s and don’ts that will help keep your indoor cat happy. DO [...]

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Summer Pet Heat Safety Myths

Summer is in full swing, and with the temperatures soaring, pet owners have a responsibility to ensure their pets stay cool and comfortable. While keeping your pet cool might seem like common sense, there are some surprising myths that exist about pet heat safety, and our team at Billings Animal Family Hospital is here to [...]

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What’s the Commotion? Dealing With Canine Noise Aversion

Does your pet regularly cower in the corner or hide under the bed when they hear a loud noise? They could have a noise aversion (i.e., excessive fear associated with certain sounds), a condition that—shockingly—affects roughly one-third of all dogs, and is one of the most frequently diagnosed problems in family pets. But, what exactly [...]

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Four Steps to a Well-Behaved Puppy

The responsibility of a new puppy can feel overwhelming—in addition to ensuring their health and safety, early socialization and training are essential so they grow up as a well-behaved dog. While puppy-raising will never be a part-time job, teaching your furry friend how to behave shouldn’t require hours of intense training lessons, complicated techniques, or [...]

Heartworm Disease and Prevention for Pet Owners

Heartworm disease is a serious, progressive disease, and our team at Billings Animal Family Hospital is here with the information you need to keep your pet safe, including: How heartworms are transmitted How to protect your pet from heartworms Treatments available if your pet tests heartworm-positive This dangerous condition is life-threatening, but preventable, and you [...]

Xylitol Toxicity—What Pet Owners Should Know

Sugar substitutes have many benefits for people, including helping with weight loss, improving overall health, controlling diabetes, and reducing tooth decay. However, xylitol, an ingredient commonly used in sugar-free products, can be deadly for your pet. Our team at Billings Animal Family Hospital wants to help you protect your pet by offering information about this [...]

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A Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning—A Must for a Healthy Pet

Periodontal disease can cause pain, inflammation, infection, and other serious health problems for your pet, significantly decreasing their quality of life. Providing appropriate dental care can counteract these issues, prolonging their life. Our team at Billings Animal Family Hospital wants to explain why a professional veterinary dental cleaning is so important and what is involved [...]

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