Curbside Rules

Starting Thursday, March 19th, Billings Animal Family Hospital will not be permitting any clients to enter the facility directly. To minimize client’s and staff member’s likelihood of exposure, we now offer curbside pick up and drop off for all appointments. When you arrive at Billings Animal Family Hospital, please call 406-245-4772 or text 406-861-1606  and [...]

COVID-19: Is Your Pet at Risk?

As the new strain of coronavirus (i.e., COVID-19) spreads across the world and affects more and more people, you’re likely wondering how it can—or cannot—affect your pet, especially after the report of a dog testing positive in Hong Kong. While we understand that a pet who tests positive for this disease is cause for concern, [...]

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Update on Canine Reproductive Services Available at Billings Animal Family Hospital

Dr. Best has a special interest in canine reproduction, and offers a wide range of services, covering infertility issues, optimizing fertility, and assisting in successful breeding. Many of our clients have benefited from Dr. Best’s experience in the past, so we want to share an overview of the services she can provide, and highlight our [...]

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