Fall Hunting and Dog Safety

The weather in the Billings area starts to feel very autumnal in October and it’s typical to see a variety of weather patterns ranging from Indian summer days to rain and then, invariably, snow in November. Even during our relatively short fall season, Big Sky Country has a great deal to offer an outdoor enthusiast [...]

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New Pet Wellness Plans at Billings Animal Family Hospital

We know there is a great deal of information, stress, and confusion regarding the cost of pet medical care. Certainly you love your pet and want to be able to cover any costs associated with medical care or an emergency. But significant amount of people may worry that they may not be able to afford [...]

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Welcome Dr. Sarah Bruggeman!

The staff at Billings Animal Family Hospital could not be more pleased to introduce you to Dr. Sarah Bruggeman, DVM. That’s right, Doctor Sarah Bruggeman! For many of you, Dr. Sarah’s face is a familiar one, as she has been a part of the BAFH family off and on since 2001. This amazing woman (and [...]

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Senior Pet Care Improves Quality of Life

While many of our adult pets are still active, playful, and in good health; did you know that after six to seven years of age, your cat or dog is considered to be in his or her senior years? Pets age much more rapidly than we often notice, leaving the early-stages of health issues undetected [...]

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Laser Therapy for Pets

While laser therapy may seem a little cutting-edge for the veterinary world, it is an exciting treatment reality that Billings Animal Family Hospital offers to our pet patients. For those of you that are not familiar with therapeutic laser treatments, we want to help you understand why it’s such an exciting option for your pet’s [...]

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