Troubleshooting Pet Weight Loss

Sometimes weight loss in pets is a good thing; but if you are suddenly noticing ribs on Fluffy or Fido it can be cause for concern. If your pet is losing weight, it is important to ask yourself why it is happening. Weight loss can be a normal physiologic occurrence, but sometimes it is a [...]

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Helping Your Senior Pet Get the Most Out of Summer

Summer is finally here and it’s likely that you can’t wait to get outside with your pet. This may be especially true if you have a senior pet, who has probably felt cooped up indoors for too long and is aching to soak up the sunshine and stretch the old bones a bit. However, spending [...]

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Pets and People Food

Just about every pet owner is guilty of sharing people food with their pets at some point or another. Sometimes this means sharing the food off of your plate at the end of a meal, or it means giving your four-legged friend a special “treat” just for being the loving and loyal companion that he [...]

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How to Tick Check Your Pet

This time of year, it seems like no matter how you try to avoid them, ticks will find their way onto our pets. Those of us that grew up in the Billings area know all about the power of the tick check – for both people and pets. Ticks in this region carry a variety [...]

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Be Prepared! How to Make a Pet First-Aid Kit

As a pet parent, you know that anything can, and at some point probably will, happen. Your pet might get in a scrape with another animal, tussle with a blackberry bush, or scrap himself up on rocky hike in the foothills. These are not necessarily emergencies (although they can be), but just minor bumps and [...]

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