Easter Pet Safety

It may seem strange to think of Easter as a threat to our pets; after all, for many of us, the holiday itself is synonymous with fluffy bunnies and baby animals. Yet many Easter traditions involve foods and decorations that are dangerous to pets, making the holiday one to watch out for when it comes [...]

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Billings Animal Family Hospital? There’s an App for That!

Billings Animal Family Hospital is excited to introduce its foray into the exciting world of mobile technology with the launch of our new app! At BAFH, we know how important technology has become to our everyday life – especially mobile technology – and it is our hope that this app will make your pet’s veterinary [...]

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Advanced Pet Pain Management

Did you know that pets experience pain just like we do? Unfortunately, many conditions that pets experience are painful, but their ability to mask that pain is tremendous. Whether it be after a surgery, due to trauma, or secondary to a chronic condition, it is our priority at Billings Animal Family Hospital to minimize any [...]

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