Anal Sac Problems in Pets

Did you know that dogs and cats have something called anal sacs (also sometimes referred to as anal glands)? They are two little pockets just inside the rectum that contain a strongly scented discharge. Normally your pet expresses this liquid during his or her bowel movements and it’s not something you, as a pet owner, [...]

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Adopting a Rabbit

With Easter just a hop, skip, and a jump away, you may be considering adopting a rabbit into your family. But before you bring a fluffy bunny home this spring, you may want to consider that a rabbits is not a give-and-forget pet, and that they do require the same care and attention that you [...]

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How to Handle a Found Pet

As a pet owner, you probably know the panic that comes with losing a pet. You’ve probably even imagined how terrifying and heartbreaking it is for a pet to be lost, too. And, hopefully, because of this, you’ve tried to help lost pets that you’ve found get home, or at least find a safe place [...]

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Dental X-Rays for Pets

Proper dental care is one of the most important things that you can do for your pets. Animals who receive quality dental care throughout their lifetime have been shown to live longer, healthier lives. We strive to help you achieve the best quality care for your pets in all aspects. That is why we not [...]

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