Protecting Your Pet in a Wildfire

As wildfires burn across the Intermountain West, many families and their pets are suffering the consequences. Thankfully the Billings area has been spared from wildfires this summer, but we are not out of the woods yet. Should disaster strike, we thought it best to brief you on what to know, just in case. […]

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Beating the Back to School Blues

Fun-filled days of romping with the family, frisking in the yard with the neighborhood kids, snuggling late, and sleeping in… these are the moments family pets often live for. So it’s not surprising when school starts and the house empties out and falls silent, that many pets find themselves confused, sad, and even frustrated. […]

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Rabies Awareness for Pet Owners

Everyone knows that wild animals can carry rabies. We have seen stories about rabid raccoons or opossums. When it comes to our pets, though, most people feel that rabies is a pretty rare risk. The truth is that it is more common than most people realize. […]

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The Great Outdoors!

Let’s face it. Chances are, if you live in Billings you do so because you love the great outdoors. Our landscape is unlike any other. From the Pryor Mountains to the south, to the Crazy Mountains to the west and everything in between, the picturesque terrain of Montana is irresistible, for dogs and dog owners, [...]

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