Is Catnip Safe?

Many cat owners wonder whether catnip is safe for their pet, especially if their cat exhibits the sometimes extreme behavior that can be associated with coming into contact with the plant.  The simple answer to this question is yes, catnip is completely safe for your cat. Catnip is an herb and part of the mint [...]

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Holiday Baking Hazards

The holiday season is a time of indulgence for many Americans, and you may be tempted to pass along the good cheer to your four-legged friends.  When including them in the festivities, be careful not to overdo it, however.  Many traditional holiday baked goods are not good for, or are even harmful to, our pets. [...]

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Give Me Shelter

Well, the weather outside may be frightful, but that doesn’t mean that your pets are necessarily coming indoors.  Along with providing your outdoor dog or cat adequate nutrition and a fresh, non-frozen water supply, it is vital that a good shelter providing protection from the wind and cold be supplied.  Use the following guidelines to [...]

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Not only are ticks nasty little critters, but they carry with them the risk of disease to you and your dog.  Many of these diseases, such as Lyme disease, are well known.  Others, although equally as dangerous, are lesser known.  One of these is anaplasmosis, sometimes also called ehrlichiosis or dog tick fever. Anaplasmosis is [...]

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