Tips for Weathering the Storm

Thunderstorm anxiety is one of the most common fears for pets.  Who can blame them?  Storms are filled with loud booms, gusting winds, flashing light, and even more subtle changes such as drops in barometric pressure.  If you have a pet that stresses over thunderstorms, try some of the following tips to alleviate some anxiety: [...]

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Kneady Cats

Kneady Cats We have all seen our cats knead (alternating pushing in and out with the right and left front paws) from time to time, but do you really know why?  The truth is that no one is really sure what this behavior means, however there are several theories. It is an instinctive behavior that [...]

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First Aid

Be Prepared! If your pet were to become injured, would you know what to do?  Every pet owner should have some first aid basics under their belt.  Here are some of the big-picture concepts that you should be familiar with: Be able to recognize that your pet is in pain or distress.  Typically these will [...]

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